Monday, January 25, 2021

Samsung Shares Plans for Increased Accessibility in 2021 Products

With the current state of the world, more people are staying home and relying on the technology within their household. Many have turned to television as a way to stay occupied. While those with low vision or hearing impairments face unique challenges in the realm of technology, Samsung is determined to aid these users and make sure they are able to enjoy their favorite shows. At their recent First Look event, Samsung shared their plans for the upcoming year and the technology they plan to release. Along with some plans for increased sustainability, such as solar-powered television remotes and reusable packaging, the company announced its desire to continue making its products more accessible to those with low vision and hearing impairments. 

As a company, Samsung is already quite familiar with accessibility in their technology. In the past, they have introduced features like audio descriptions of the images on screen and voice guides that read out volume levels, channel numbers, and more. All of Samsung’s TVs, which previously had closed captioning available, will now have the option to move that captioning to the user’s preferred area of the screen so as to avoid blocking any other text that may be present on the screen. In addition, these newer TVs will give users the ability to zoom in on sign language windows for easier viewing. Finally, Samsung showed off a new feature that will allow users to invert the colors on their menu screens, allowing those with low vision or colorblindness the ability to view menus without trouble.

Byungho Kim, a member of Samsung’s social contribution center in Suwon, made a point during the event to emphasize the importance of implementing accessible technology into their devices. “We don’t want to exclude anyone,” he said. “Our technology is for everyone.”

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