SafetySure Transfer Gurney without Plastic Insert - Small

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Don't Transfer Someone Without It
  • Gurney has four handles for stable transfers
  • Transfers are easier and faster
  • A slick underside enables even heavy patients to be easily moved
  • Size: Small

SKU: 154115
Length: 39.00 in
Width: 0.25 in
Height: 16.00 in
Our Price: $71.97
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SafetySure Transfer Gurney is used primarily to:

Move a patient up in bed
Turn in bed
Transfer between bed and shower trolley, etc.
Lift the patient from floor to bed
The SST Gurney consists of a padded sheet and a strong strap that forms a figure eight in the product. The weight is distributed evenly over the product; the comfortable handgrips provide good working positions. The SST Gurney covers the four friction points on the hips and shoulders. This, together with its slick underside, enables even heavy patients to be moved with ease.
Size: Small.

Gurney Dimensions: Length 39 x Width 16 Thickness: 1/4
Weight: 2 lbs. Handles: 4 Use limit: 400 lbs.

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