SafetySure Butterfly Board - 30 inches

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

A Safer Way to Get From Here to There
  • Safely transfer sitting patients
  • Transfer between a bed and wheelchair
  • Transfer between a wheelchair and car
  • Transfer between a wheelchair and toilet
  • Size: Large

SKU: 155061
Length: 30.00 in
Width: 0.25 in
Height: 12.50 in
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SST Board bridges the gap between two transfer points. SST Board's anti-slip tapes enable it to remain immobile during the transfer. The SST Board is flexible. The upper side is slick to allow the patient to slide easily. SST Board is made of flexible plastic. It is comfortable to sit on and does not tip upward when, for example, the patient slides over a protruding wheel-chair wheel. The SST Board is easy to remove. The gap between the two transfer points cannot be greater than 1/3 of the total length of the board. Provided that surfaces are stable, no patient weight restrictions apply to SST Board use.
The SafetySure Butterfly Transfer Board transfer board is a lightweight and flexible transfer board that enables the user to get in and out of bed, wheelchair, commode or car with less effort. The raised portion on the backside of the board helps to prevent the user from pinching his or her buttocks. A large and added benefit of this raised portion is the added security the user feels when transferring.

Size: Large

Dimensions: Length 30 x Width 12-1/2 Thickness: 1/4
Weight: 2 lbs. Use limit: 400 lbs.

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