Reversible Chopping Mats- Set of 3

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Chop Food Safely & Protect Countertops
  • Easily scoop chopped food into pan/bowl
  • Color-coded to prevent cross-contamination
  • Set of 3 flexible plastic mats
  • Dishwasher safe

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Protect counters without dulling knives. Easily transport food from your kitchen counter to a pan or bowl. These Reversible Chopping Mats are twice as thick as standard chopping mats and will not warp when washed in the dishwasher. They offer twice the useable cutting space, making them last twice as long.

Follow the color coded system to help prevent cross-contamination: Green for fruits and vegetables, yellow for poultry, red for meats, blue for fish and orange for bread.

- Different colored mats provide contrast and are helpful to those with low vision
- Perfect for camping
- Use on wire pantry shelves to prevent small items from falling through
- Dishwasher safe
- Set of 3 (Surface Colors: Green/Yellow, Blue/Green, Red/Orange)
- Made of durable, flexible plastic

Measurements: 11" Wide x 15" Long
Weight (Set/3 in Original Packaging): 15 oz.

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