Resource Thicken Up-Unflavored- 8 oz Cans - 12-cs

Manufacturer: Resource

Instantly Thickens Hot or Cold Foods and Drinks
  • Instant thickener for hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Mixes quickly into liquids without lumping
  • Does not continue to thicken over time
  • Helps ensure food/drink consistency without altering taste
  • Comes in 8 oz cans (12 cans per case)

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Resource Thicken Up gives shape and body to any meal. This instant food and beverage thickener uses 100-percent modified cornstarch to thicken quickly without lumping. It maintains its consistency, and does not continue to thicken over time. Helps ensure adequate consistency of food and beverages without altering taste. Administered orally. Appropriate for lactose-free (Not for individuals with galactosemia), gluten-free, low-residue and kosher diets.

Flavor: Unflavored. Servings: 612 Tbsp/case (51 Tbsp/can)
Comes in 8 oz cans (12 cans per case)

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