Replacement Door Knock Transmitter

Manufacturer: Clarity

Signals Alertmaster receiver if a visitor knocks
  • Detects door knocks and signals receiver
  • Use with Clarity Alertmaster receiver (not included)
  • Includes clip for easy door mounting

SKU: 956002
Our Price: $39.00
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Know when someone knocks at the door with this alerting system! The Door Knock Transmitter alerting device comes with a replacement or an accessory transmitter to expand your Clarity Alertmaster notification system.

The alerting transmitter sends a signal to a connected Clarity Alertmaster receiver (not included), which then notifies you of the door knock with a visual or vibrating alert.

Easy to Install: Simply clip the alerting transmitter device to the inside face of the door using the included clip and flip the power switch on. Knocking on the door will activate the unit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This transmitter will not work on its own. It requires a Clarity Alertmaster receiver (not included) to function as part of a complete alerting system.

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