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Reizen Talking Atomic Watch- Blk Face-Chips-Exp

It Announces the Time and Even Sets Itself

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  • Announces time, date, day of week, alarm status, etc.
  • Automatically sets itself, adjusts for Daylight Savings
  • Large (approx. 1.25" diam.) face with rhinestone chips
  • Analog display with sweep second hand
  • Printed Operating Instructions are included (Note: Instructions on Cassette available upon request)
Enjoy the convenience of hearing the time announced at the press of a button and of never having to set your watch The Reizen Atomic Talking Watch features a clear announcement of time, date, day of week, alarm status and more in a male voice. Plus, it even sets itself, including adjusting for daylight savings time, so you don't have to worry about it.

It also offers a large face and polished silver hands for easier viewing. It's the perfect choice for the blind and those with low vision This model has a black face with rhinestone chips, gray bezel and gray brushed metal expansion band.

Note to skin allergy sufferers: This watch case and band are made of type 304L stainless steel.

- Announces time, date, day of week and alarm status
- Hourly chime/time announcement (can be turned off)
- Audible cues help you navigate through alarm setting and other functions
- Clear male voice
- Large (approx. 1.25" diam.) face with rhinestone chips
- Polished silver hour, minute and sweep second hands
- Uses one CR2032 battery (included)
- One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
- Comes in stylish blue gift box - great for safe storage
- Printed Operating Instructions are included (Note: Instructions on Cassette available upon request)

NOTE: Atomic Radio-Controlled NIST Time-Setting Function is ONLY available in:
1) USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); 2) United Kingdom; 3) Germany; and 4) Japan.
However, the time is easily set manually wherever there is no accessible atomic signal.

About the Radio Signal (Atomic Function): The radio signal that controls the time, day of the week and date is broadcast through a radio station in Fort Collins, Colorado. The station is operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is the U.S. Government agency that provides the nation's official time. Your watch is programmed to listen for the signal coming from this station overnight when it is strongest (at 3am, 4am, 5am and 6am daily) until the signal is received and your watch time is adjusted accordingly. You may also cue the watch to attempt to receive the signal on demand.

Important Notes:
- Global signals are available in the USA (WWVB), Germany (DCF), the UK (MSF) and Japan (40/60Khz) upon request. There is no Atomic Clock signal available in Australia.
- The atomic function and calendar will not operate in Alaska or Hawaii because the watch cannot communicate with the National Institute of Standards and Technology from these states. However, it may still be used in those two states - and in countries where there is no atomic signal - as a regular 'manual-set' watch. Not to be sold in Canada and Europe.

Battery Type: CR2032

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Gender Unisex
Type Talking
Features Time and Alarm
Band Type Bracelet
Movement Atomic
Case Color Chrome
Voice Male

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