Reizen Firestorm Soccer Ball with Rattle

Manufacturer: Reizen

Professional-quality audible soccer ball
  • 6 rattle disks inside ball for superior sound
  • Abrasion and water-resistant
  • Size 3 (7-3/4” diameter) for players under 8 years of age

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The Reizen Firestorm Soccer Ball with Rattle is a match-quality audible soccer ball. Designed with low bounce and trajectory properties, it feels 'soft' on the foot, is fast in flight, and permits superb handling and ball control. Precisely designed non-magnetic rattle disks (6 in a ball) inside the ball provide an excellent loud rattle sound upon hitting and rolling for easy audible tracking.

Made of high-grade polyurethane synthetic fibers that remain soft, even in cold weather. Provides durability and performance over many matches on natural and artificial surfaces. Abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. 32-panel design with hand-sewn seams. Color: White with black, yellow, and blue imprinted design. 8-inch diameter. Official size: Size 3 (7-3/4" diameter) for players under 8 years of age.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using a needle with a round tip and air holes on both sides for inflation.