Reizen Braille Salt and Pepper shaker set- smooth edge

Manufacturer: Distributed by Reizen

  • ridge at the top of the sleeve aids in grasping
  • glass shakers with stainless steel tops

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Super Shakers are salt and pepper shakers designed for use by individuals with blindness or low vision. These glass shakers have a sleeve fitted between the mouth of the container and the metal shaker top. The sleeve on the salt shaker is marked with a large raised S, a Braille S, and two additional vertical lines. The sleeve for the pepper shaker is has a unique tactile feature and is marked with a large raised P and a Braille P. The absence of vertical lines further distinguishes the salt shaker from the pepper shaker. A ridge at the top of the sleeve aids in grasping and locating the lettering. Each shaker holds one ounce. DIMENSIONS: 3 x 1.5 inches.
COLOR: The sleeve is available in white on the salt shaker and black on the pepper shaker.