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Manufacturer: Accessibyte

Flashcard program for the blind and low vision
  • A simple and fully accessible flashcard study program for blind and low vision students to study classroom material
  • Audible feedback with customized voice speed and pitch enable flashcards to be used entirely without vision
  • Presents simple navigation, enhanced visuals, and complete audio prompting to create a non-distracting, frustration-free way of learning
  • Included deck editor allows you to easily create customized flashcards in seconds with each deck containing any number of cards
  • Designed and developed by a blind rehabilitation instructor (MSEd., COMS, CVRT), tested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI)

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Quick Cards Software is a simple and fully accessible flashcard study program for blind and low vision students to study classroom material.

Digital download of Quick Cards Software Program with a single activation license. The download link and activation license will be emailed once checkout is complete.
NOTE: Each license is good for installation on one computer.

Two flashcard modes:
1) Practice Mode— presents the cards simply, allowing for easy independent study.
A single key press audibly and visually presents the other side of the card.
Another key press progresses to the next card.
Practice lessons loop until you choose the exit the lesson, allowing ample opportunity for practice.

2) Test Mode— prompts the students with multiple choice answers for each card.
Each card can have pre-defined incorrect answers or answers drawn from the other cards in the deck.
At the end of each test, statistics are shown in various formats and incorrect cards can be reviewed. Great for keeping track of student progress.
Scores can be saved and printed, should your record-keeping require it.

— Study and Audio Decks
Study decks contain only missed cards from the most recent test.
Audio decks are .wav audio files of the cards which can be listened to on digital recorders when the student is away from the computer.
Both Study and Audio decks are automatically created without any extra work.

— Statistics
Every time Test Mode is completed, the student's score is presented.
The score included a percentage correct, in addition to showing each individual question that was missed.
A great solution for student documentation.

— Deck Editor
Use the included deck editor to quickly create custom flashcard decks.
Outside word processors can optionally be used to create decks.
Each deck can contain any number of cards.
Tweak settings to randomize card order or flip which side is presented first.
Optionally input specific incorrect answers for each card, providing a deeper study challenge.

— Visual Enhancements
Choose from a variety of font sizes, from small to large.
A vast array of color options for text and backgrounds.
Clean, simple, and distraction-free user interface.
A single key at the main menu can quickly cycle between your saved schemes, which is great for teaching multiple students on the same machine.

- Audible Feedback
Customize the speed and pitch of various voices.
Single key press to hear each side of a card.
Designed to be used entirely without vision.

Quick Cards is intended to be accessible to as many students as possible. Therefore system requirements are quite low. It should work on any Windows computer.

System requirements:
1) Windows operating system
2) Internet connection for initial installation and registration.

Quick Cards can use other SAPI TTS voices installed on your computer. Additional voices can be purchased from various vendors online. If you're unsure about other voices, don't worry. All modern builds of Windows include default voices that can be used.

Quick Cards is an all-inclusive accessible program. No outside accessibility software is required.

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