Quattro Pro Adaptive Bluetooth System

Manufacturer: ClearSounds

Bluetooth neckloop/removable omnidirectional mic
  • Streams amplified sounds— Detachable mic picks up the sound and transmits it to the audio neck loop with headphones directly plugged in
  • Works in any listening environment— Hear phones calls, television sounds, music, meetings, and group conversations clearer
  • Makes speeches more audible— Picks up the sound of the speaker and is adjustable to sensitivity to minimize background noise
  • Provides reliable and secure connection— No one can eavesdrop while using Quattro Pro— uses both authentication pairings and data encryption
  • Prevents call drops— Operates in 2.4G ISM frequency band/uses GFSK* Modulation System to lessen the signal interference in the channels

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Hear better on mobile phone or tablet. For phone calls, music, TV, and in meetings or social situations, the portable Quattro Pro helps you to hear more clearly.

T-Coil Hearing Aid Compatible.

Quattro Pro
QT4 Remote Mic
Charging Adapter
Charging Cable
SmartSound Earbuds
Instruction Manual

*(GFSK) Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying

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