PowerTel 760 Amplified Corded Speakerphone

Manufacturer: Amplicom

Loud Calls, Talking Caller ID & Answering Machine
  • Adjustable 50 dB amplification and tone control
  • Big buttons & large LCD with 10 contrast settings
  • Talk-back buttons & caller ID announce
  • Extra-loud ringer & visual ring signalers
  • Corded speakerphone w/built-in answering machine

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Enjoy loud, clear phone calls, an amplified ringer and visual ring signaler, and hands-free conversations - plus, always know you're dialing correctly!

The PowerTel 760 Assure Amplified Corded Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine serves as the corded base model for the 7-Series modular line of telephones. It provides exceptional sound with adjustable amplification and tone control on its easy-to-handle handset.

Big buttons on the corded base of this amplified telephone make dialing easy. And just in case, the talk-back buttons allow you to hear the numbers you dial read back to you so you can be absolutely sure you're not accidentally misdialing.

As for incoming calls the Caller ID Announce feature helps you screen calls and ensure you only answer calls from people you really want to speak with - no more getting stuck on cold sales calls! Plus, if you're in the middle of doing something, the speakerphone feature allows you to carry on your conversation while keeping your hands-free for the task at hand.

With the integrated digital answering machine, you'll never miss an important message from family and friends who are trying to reach you.

This amplified speakerphone offers superior hearing aid compatibility that meets and exceeds the TIA-1083 standard, the 760 produces crystal clear communication with less than 1.5-percent distortion.

Amplicom's new PowerTel 7-Series are the only amplified telephones that offer pre-programmed multiple user profile buttons that memorize volume, tone control, and boost for more than one user.

Includes one Includes one Amplified Corded Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine. Add up to four PowerTel 701 cordless handsets or PowerTel 601 wireless wrist shakers with remote answer and emergency features (extra handsets and wrist shakers sold separately), to create a complete system.

- 3 equalizer tone settings (high/low frequencies)
- Caller ID with 30 number recall
- 200 name and number phonebook
- 9 ringer melodies for each unit
- Multi-display languages including English, Spanish & French
- 3 line extra-large LCD display with 10 contrast settings (Black on Amber or Amber on Black)
- Extra loud adjustable ringer with flashing bright LED visual indicators
- 2.5mm jack for headset or neckloop
- Listen to messages through handset or play back on base
- 11 minutes record time with time & date stamp
- Line-powered in case of a power failure
- Expandable up to 4 cordless accessories (handset PT701 and/ or wrist shaker PT601 with remote answer and emergency features) (extra handsets and wrist shakers sold separately)
- Connection for PTV 100 Vibrating Pad (sold separately)
- Two year manufacturer's limited warranty
Category Amplified
Type Corded
Options Caller ID
Options Speakerphone
Options Answering Machine
Options Visual Ringer
Options Talking

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