Perslice Cake Slicer Safety Aid

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

The Ultimate Dessert Slicer!
  • Easy to use-- makes cake cutting and serving more fun
  • Safe around children and those with low vision
  • Get perfectly even slices every time
  • 2-in-1 cake cutter and spatula
  • Beautiful packaged design in the shape of a cake slice

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Make cake cutting and serving fun and safe. No need for a knife and spatula, Perslice Cake Slicer is the all-in-one solution. Cuts same size slices perfectly and evenly. For 10", 9" and 8" round desserts-- match the cut line on the blades, then use the dial to select the desired number of slices. Built-in spatula makes serving slices easier with less mess. Dishwasher safe and comes in a beautifully packaged box that makes a great gift. Includes slicer, 2 blades, cleaning brush and instructions. Handle measures 6 inches, blades 6 1/8 inches, cleaning brush 3 1/4 inches.

Solves all of your cake cutting and serving issues such as:

--Not enough cake for all your guests
--Different sizes of cake or messy cake slices
--Cake falls apart before you get it to the plate
--Dangerous knives at parties
--Hand wash only cake servers
--Metal cake cutters that fade or look old after time