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PenFriend Labels - Pack J

Additional Labels for Your PenFriend

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  • Self-adhesive labels for the RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System
  • Contains 418 labels: 364 small circles (1.3cm diameter) and 54 large squares (3.2cm)
Used with your RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System, this additional pack of assorted self-adhesive labels will help you to label even more items.

Pack J contains 418 labels (364 small circles - 1.3cm diameter, and 54 large squares - 3.2cm).

Additional packs of standard and washable laundry labels also available.

Note: Use only one pack of the same labels.
Due to the unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend.
Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, then Packs C, D, E, F, G, H, etc.

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