OrCam MyCharger

Manufacturer: OrCam

Charge your OrCam MyEye on the go!
  • For use with OrCam MyEye
  • Lightweight— weighs only 2 oz
  • Holds 4 full OrCam MyEye charges
  • Built-in belt clip allows for easy wearability

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Using your OrCam MyEye on the go? Make sure it stays charged with the help of the OrCam MyCharger. This handy portable charger comes equipped with a belt clip for easy portability— it can be easily worn on your clothes or clipped onto a handbag. Weighing only 2oz, the MyCharger can easily be put in a pocket or bag if you do not wish to clip it to your clothes. Best of all, it holds 4 full charges for your OrCam MyEye device and can be fully charged itself in 2-4 hours.


- Dimensions: 96 x 29.13 x 39 mm/3.78 x 1.14 x 1.53 in
- Weight: 58 Grams/2 oz
- Number of OrCam Charges: 4 Charges
- Charging Time: 2-4 Hours
- Rated Input: 5VDC/1.2Amp

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