Open Book Unbound

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Here's a new and improved software program that will let you scan a (Printed Only) document into your computer once and have OPENBook convert it into electronic information. Then Open Book will read it aloud using your synthesizer. It will then display the text on the screen with a variety of settings for those with low vision. The new version includes a Low Vision Menu, a pane at the bottom of the screen to instantly change size, color, font and document spacing.Editing is easier with functions that include dictionary, thesaurus, spell check, page insertion, deletion/replacement and book marking. Through its comprehensive Page Layout Description, OPENBook provides information about column headings, pictures, captions, footnotes, graphics, text blocks and tables. And, with its Page Layout Navigation, a complete presentation of the page provides a method to move through the documents by jumping from one element to another.OPENBook's new, full-featured email package allows users to send, receive, read, create, organize and sort messages through their Internet provider.

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