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Manufacturer Omnis

Omnis Short Lancing Device

For Precise, Controlled Blood Sampling

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  • Get consistent, measured skin pricks for blood sampling
  • Adjustable depth
  • Non-returnable item
This Short Lancing Device from Omnis Health holds a lancet firmly and when triggered, moves the lancet ahead to prick the skin in a controlled manner. It allows diabetics to obtain a small amount of capillary blood for blood glucose testing. It can be adjusted to alter the depth that the lancet goes into the skin.

Note: This item is non-returnable for health and sanitary reasons.

Using the Lancing Device:
1. Twist off the lancing device cap and insert an unused lancet
2. Twist the protective cover off from the lancet
3. Place the lancing device cap back onto the lancing device and adjust the puncture setting (1 is lightest and 5 is deepest)
4. Pull back on the lancing device
5. Press the button to lance

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