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OCR Scanning Stand for Aquos Video Magnifier - iPhones - Androids

Foldable Stand Lets You Scan Full Pages Easily

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  • Foldable portable scanning stand lets you easily scan full pages
  • Folds easily and slips into your backpack or purse so you can use anywhere
  • Perfect for Aquos portable touch-screen video magnifier and OCR (text-to-speech) reader
  • Also compatible with iPhones 4, 5, 6, 6 plus and Android devices
  • Stand only (Aquos magnifier and other devices sold separately)
This portable scanning stand lets you position your Aquos magnifier and OCR reader (sold separately) on top of it so that you can easily place pages underneath it and capture full pages of text. The OCR scanning stand lets you take full advantage of the Aquos full-page text-to-speech functionality and is also fully compatible with iPhones 4, 5, 6, 6 plus and Android devices.

Simply follow the easy instructions to unfold the OCR scanning stand, place your Aquos magnifier or other device on top and easily preview/scan full pages that are conveniently placed underneath it.

Sold separately (MaxiAids Item Number 357232), the Aquos Handheld Magnifier is a portable touch screen video magnifier that lets you easily switch from live magnification to accurate full page OCR that will convert text-to-speech. The Aquos handheld magnifier features a wide five-inch display screen with built-in LED light for easy viewing, as well as several high contrast viewing modes. Magnify text up to 10x in live mode and up to 30x in OCR mode. Switch from live magnification to OCR mode with just one touch, and in OCR mode you can play, pause, rewind and forward as the full page of text is clearly read back to you.

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