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Occupational Therapy Toolkit- CD Version, English

Guides for Therapy Education & Treatment Planning

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  • 230 full-page patient education handouts
  • 67 treatment guides to simplify treatment planning
  • CD Version in English
The Occupational Therapy Toolkit features handouts and treatment guides for physical disabilities and geriatrics. It's great for patients and is also a useful tool for occupational therapy students, beginning practitioners and seasoned therapists.

- 230 full-page reproducible patient education handouts that reinforce one-on-one teaching, provide valuable information and enable the patient to continue their treatment program once the formal session has ended.

- 67 evidence-based treatment guides intended to simplify treatment planning, generate new treatment ideas and increase utilization of occupational therapy services. Each guide is complete with functional limitations, interventions and patient handouts. The guides are helpful for treating patients with less familiar diagnoses and ensure consistent treatment planning for multi-therapist settings.

English version available in print or CD format. English/Spanish version available in CD format - includes treatment guides in English and handouts in both English and Spanish.

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