Newee Bluetooth Sound Pillow Pack - Black

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Improve listening comfort and reduce outside noise
  • Reduces volume to 20 decibels without sacrificing sound quality
  • No headphones, no ear pressure and no discomfort
  • Invisible, wireless, and hygienic
  • Broadcasts TV, radio, smartphone, computer, tablet

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The New'ee Sound Pillow provides optimum sound quality without headphones or increasing the volume. Reduces outside noise pollution so listener can enjoy music or TV without disturbing others. Wireless and hygienic sound pillow is so easy to use with any audio source for better listening and comfort. Wireless technology sound can be broadcasted simultaneously on 4 different points.

How it works: System is made up of 2 boxes connected by radio frequencies (wireless technology): 1 transmitter connected to an audio source (jack cable or Bluetooth), 1 to 4 sound pillows. The transmitter sends a signal to the sound pillow, which then emits the audio sound from its source. Sound is evenly broadcasted through the pillow and operates like a speaker. Installs easily on a majority of chairs and is certified "Made in France".

Includes a transmitter, power cable, jack cable and machine washable cover.

Dimensions of transmitter: 4.05 x 2.6 x .78 in.(10.3 x 6.7 x 2 cm)
Power: 20W
Emissions: 2 to 15 mW
Consumption: 20W
Frequency:75Hz - 20kHz

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