New VibroSaver

Manufacturer: iLuv

Control from anywhere with VibroSaver app
  • Features powerful vibration for even the heaviest of sleepers
  • Can trigger vibration manually or remotely via VibroSaver smartphone app
  • Create multiple alarms with two different vibration settings (Normal or Strong) via use of the VibrSaver app
  • Can be used with Amazon Echo or Google Home which allows for voice control
  • Includes VibroSaver, 110-240V wall charger with UL -2 flat pins, and User Manual

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Easily control this bed shaker alarm with the help of the VibroSaver smartphone app! This device is great for a number of different users: those with hearing impairments, people who do not want to wake their partner when their alarm goes off, and even the heaviest of sleepers. With the ability to control alarms, adjust vibration strength, and even connect to an Amazon Echo or Google Home to set voice commands, the VibroSaver and corresponding smartphone app are revolutionary tools for personalizing your wake-up experience.


- Extremely Strong Vibration: This smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm bed shaker isn't for light sleepers. We developed a vibration shaker alarm clock that features an extremely super-strong vibration motor that is tailor-made for people who can't wake up using normal alarms. This bedshaker alarm clock is perfect for heavy sleepers, deep sleepers, the deaf, the seniors, the elderly, kids, children, teenagers, college students, and anyone who needs an extra kick to wake up and get out of bed.

- Vibrating Alarm Clock: Conventional alarm clocks will emit a loud obnoxious beeping noise that will surely wake up your partner or roommate. The VibroSaver will ensure that even the heaviest, deepest sleepers will be able to wake up through its powerful vibration strength without waking the person beside them. Simply place the VibroSaver under your pillow and wake up to a strong vibration without disturbing your partner or roommate.

- Immediate Vibration: Send a vibration to wake up your family, friends, or loved ones immediately remotely from anywhere. The VibroSaver is a smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm clock that allows multiple people to access the Vibrate Now feature. This feature allows users to enable the vibration alarm manually and remotely making it perfect for urgent issues. Access the VibroSaver app, click on the Vibrate Now to send a remote alarm to wake up family or friends immediately.

- Multiple Alarm Schedule: Through the VibroSaver app, you can schedule multiple flexible alarms on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can create multiple alarms, select the vibration strength (Normal or Strong), customize alarm days, and toggle on/off for individual alarm settings. Since the VibroSaver stores all your settings in the cloud, this smart Wi-Fi vibration alarm clock will go off even if your phone is turned off. You also never have to worry about the battery life since it runs on AC power.

- Wi-Fi Remote Control: Access your VibroSaver anywhere, anytime via the cloud. This smart vibration alarm clock is always connected online through Wi-Fi connection which means you can control the alarm clock remotely as long as you have access to the internet. VibroSaver will work on the preset alarm time even when your phone is turned off once the device is connected online.

- Integrated Voice Control: This compact bedroom vibration alarm clock has voice controls that allow for all the alarm features to be accessed through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices. You can either connect to an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker to speak to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn alarms on/off or snooze.

- Pillow Perfect Alarm: With the VibroSaver, there's no need for bulky alarm clocks that take up most of your bedside table's space. The VibroSaver is a compact vibration alarm clock that is ergonomically designed to slip right under your pillow. Once under your pillow, the smart Wi-Fi alarm clock will provide a strong vibration to ensure you wake up on time, every time.

- Simple and Easy Setup: This alarm clock is incredibly easy to set up and use. Simply download and install the VibroSaver app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and register a VibroSaver account to start using the app. Once the app is installed and the account is registered, connect the VibroSaver to the app and set personalized alarms.

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