Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp

Manufacturer: Daylight

Earth-Friendly and Easy on the Eyes!
  • Reduced glare and eyestrain
  • Long-lasting efficient 27w bulb
  • Sits securely on the floor
  • Flexible arm to direct the light
  • Read and work in comfort

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Naturalight lamps last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs and produce a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eyestrain making close-up tasks like reading, writing, sewing and general inspection work easier. Think green, think Naturalight

The Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp is ideal for the low vision hobbyist, writer or reader.
This floorstanding hobby and reading lamp sits securely on the floor next to your favorite couch, chair, desk or workbench. Its flexible arm allows it to be adjusted into the ideal position to provide the light you need.

27w Naturalight tube (energy saving)
Read and work in comfort
Flexible arm to direct the light
Supplied with tube
Height: 130cm / 51
Replacement tube N0005

Type Floor
Color White
Bulb Tube

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