Multi-Function Silicone Lids (Set of 3)

Manufacturer: Progressive

Strong airtight suction seal!
  • Lids measure 6”, 8”, and 10.5”
  • Can be used as microwave bowl cover, pot lid, jar opener, trivet, and more!
  • Convenient storage— can stick to refrigerator or store in drawers/cabinets
  • Reusable lids— no more plastic wrap or foil

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These Multi-Function Silicone Lids are a must-have for any kitchen! They can be used for meal preparation as a microwave bowl cover, pot lid, or even jar opener. When serving food, they can be used as trivets or hot pads! Easily store these in drawers or cabinets, or even stick them to your refrigerator. These lids feature a strong airtight suction seal and measure 6", 8", and 10.5".