MPD-12-Color-Zoom Desktop Electronic Magnifier-9x

Manufacturer: Bierley

Zoom Color Magnifier, Color Photo Frame & Clock
  • 9x full color zoom magnification on 12” screen
  • Color photo frame (1GB USB) stores up to 1000 pictures
  • Big display digital clock
  • Desk stand or wall mount
  • Incl. screen, mouse magnifier, remote, AC adapter & stand

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The MPD-12 Magnifier, Photo Frame and Digital Clock is an all new concept of multi-function low vision magnification products! The MPD-12 was specifically developed for ultra-convenient use in the kitchen. However, of course it is just as well suited in any room of a house or even on an office desk.

Weighing a mere 28 ounces, the ultra-light weight screen can be easily mounted on any wall to maximize counter or desk space. Switching between magnifier, photo frame and digital clock is a one button operation. The MPD-12 makes a sensible and practical addition to whatever magnifier you may already have or it could easily be the first and only magnifier that you need in your home or office.

- To use as a magnifier, switch on
- Press play once to use as a photo frame
- Press play again to use as a digital clock

- Variable magnification 9x
- 12" screen
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- Cool LED backlit
- Full color magnification
- Full color photo frame
- Stores up to 1000 pictures
- Big display digital clock
- Easy clean remote control
- Ultra lightweight robust housing
- Desk stand or wall mount
- 1GB USB drive included
- Incl. screen, mouse magnifier, remote, AC adapter & stand

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