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MonoMouse-RM-Zoom Electronic Magnifier - 14x-55x

Turn Your TV into a Black and White Magnifier

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  • Variable magnification of 14x-55x on a 20-in. TV
  • Positive, negative & grayscale image viewing modes
  • High contrast image, less glare
  • Compatible w/any TV (not incl.) via video input
  • 6-ft cable & AC adapter included
The MonoMouse-RM-Zoom provides full variable magnification of approximately 14x-55x based on a 20-in. TV, plus three modes for reading - regular mode, reverse mode (pure white text on black background), and enhanced mode (pure black text on white background).

With quick installation by plugging the MonoMouse-RM-Zoom into any regular television and pressing the large blue button, the magnifier is ready to be used and your television becomes a powerful low vision aid.

Operation couldn't be easier because you only need to switch to the video channel using your remote control and when you have finished reading, switch back to your favorite channel.

NOTE: This is a magnifier only. In order to work, it must be connected to a television (not included).

1. Simply plug the MonoMouse-RM-Zoom into any regular television, connect the power and press the large blue button.
2. Press your remote control "Video" button.
3. Hold the MonoMouse-RM-Zoom in your hand, just like a tennis ball or computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your television.
That's it. Enjoy reading.

To change from regular text to either of the high contrast modes, press the center button on the top of the product. Press again to switch to the next mode, and once again as required.

To zoom in and make text larger press the button on the right. To zoom out and make text smaller press the button on the left.

Tip: Leave the MonoMouse-RM-Zoom connected so that it's always ready to use.

- Compatible with any TV using video input
- High contrast image, less glare
- Ergonomic and easy to use
- High contrast negative image (pure white text on black background)
- High contrast positive image (pure black text on white background)
- Regular contrast (called grayscale)
- Variable magnification of 14x-55x on a 20-in. TV
- RCA connection
- 6 feet of easy store cable
- Durable, CE approved, built to last
- AC powered (Adapter included)

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