Mercury 6 Handheld Magnifier and Reader

Manufacturer: TrySight

Text-to-speech magnifier
  • Voice controlled handheld magnifer uses artificial intelligence
  • Ideal for those with low vision
  • Use as a magnifier or a reader
  • Compact design fits easily in pocket
  • Accurate reading capabilities and voice control

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Mercury 6 Handheld Magnifier and Reader is the first voice-controlled handheld magnifier that uses artificial intelligence and is perfect for those with low vision. Use in reading mode or sit back and comfortably listen to a document! This compact, handheld magnifier has accurate reading capabilities and voice control. With its integrated foldable legs, it allows for ideal positioning over a document. Touch gestures easily control magnification. Full page accurate OCR text-to-speech with natural sounding voices.

--Large 5.5 inch HD screen
--voice and button controlled
--easy to learn
--freeze an image for close-up viewing
--room to write under the camera
--integrated LED light
--multiple color schemes
--multiple languages
--3-hour battery life
--Octa-core processor

Includes magnifier reader, power charger, USB charging cable, user manual, protective drawstring pouch. Lightweight at 6.87 ounces.