Mercury 12 Laptop Tablet Magnifier with Distance Camera

Manufacturer: TrySight

Portable CCTV Video Magnifier Reader & Camera
  • Tablet-based Windows laptop that is a portable video magnifier and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text reader for those with low vision
  • Features: 12-inch HD Touch Screen with Live Magnification; 5 MP Camera with LED Light; accurate, read-aloud, full-page OCR; headphone jack
  • Portable, integrated, foldable, lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum stand easily folds up with the tablet into a carry bag
  • OCR is able to accurately read aloud an entire A4 page (8.27 in. x 11.69 in. [210 mm x 297 mm]) in a natural-sounding voice
  • Includes Mercury 12 laptop tablet with stand, Magnetic Keyboard, Carry Case, Power Charger, Charging cable, User Manual, Distance Camera

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The Mercury 12 Magnifier with Speech is ideal for those with low vision who want one device that functions as a laptop and tablet as well as a CCTV Video Magnifier and OCR Reader. Uses an Acer Tablet.

When used with the included magnetic keyboard, it becomes a full-fledged Windows laptop. It is compatible with all your existing Windows software including any Windows-based access technology you may already have.

Includes: Mercury 12 tablet with stand; Magnetic Keyboard; Carry Case; Power Charger; Charging cable; User Manual, and Mercury 12 Distance Camera

Mercury 12 Distance Camera is a high-performance USB camera featuring 10X Optical Zoom running at Full HD (1080p). It incorporates a 3 axis swivel joint to position and hold the camera in the desired direction. Camera provides a simple, compact solution for distance viewing in the classroom or workplace.

--10X Optical Zoom
--USB 3.0 Powered
--Full HD 1080p Video
--Distance OCR
--Swivel joints for easy positioning
--Save images from the blackboard
--Color contrast options
--Windows Compatible

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