Mercury 12 Distance Camera

Manufacturer: TrySight

For Mercury 12 Laptop Tablet Magnifier Item 357234
  • Works with the Mercury 12 Laptop tablet magnifier (item 357234)

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The Mercury 12 Distance Camera is a high-performance USB camera featuring 10X optical zoom running at Full HD (1080p). It incorporates a 3 axis swivel joint to position and hold the camera in the desired direction. Coupled with the Mercury 12 Laptop Tablet Magnifier with OCR Speech (Item 357234), this camera provides a simple, compact solution for distance viewing in the classroom or workplace.

—10x optical zoom
—USB 3.0 powered
—Full HD 1080p video
—Distance OCR
—Swivel joints for easy positioning
—Save images from the blackboard
—Color contrast options
—Windows compatible