Medallion Smoke Detector and CO2 Safety Kit

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Everything you need to keep your loved ones safe!
  • Includes Mini Receiver, Smoke Detector with Transmitter, Wireless CO2 Detector and Pillow Vibrator

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Medallion Series Mini Receiver
--Alerts you to phone calls, doorbells, sounds, weather alerts, fire, smoke
--Notifies you with 3 flashing strobe light settings
--Operates with million-codes technology
--Plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet
--Identifies specific events with any of five lighted and colored icons
--The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards
--Includes a backup battery and 5-year limited warranty

Medallion Series Smoke Detector with Transmitter
--Senses smoke with a photocell detector
--Signals with its built-in transmitter
--Works with any Medallion Series Mini Receiver
--3-volt lithium battery (included)
--Features the combination Silent Call 3 to 5-Year Limited Warranty

Medallion Series Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector with Transmitter
--Signals you when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas are detected
--Operates with million-code technology and built-in transmitter for 24-hour protection
--Designed for apartments, condominiums, dormitories, hotels, public housing and ideal for single family homes
--Ensures you do not receive false alarms from neighbors using other RF-based products
--3-volt lithium battery (included) for round-the-clock 24-hour protection

Silent Call Pillow Vibrator w-Pin Jack
--Get a Strong, Reliable Vibrating Alert
--For use with a compatible clock or a receiver and transmitter. Will not work on its own.