Wednesday, March 27, 2019

MaxiAids’ Smoke Detectors with Visual Aids Can Save Lives

Every household needs a smoke detector, but those who are hard of hearing can’t rely on audible signals to alert them to a potential fire. MaxiAids has the perfect solution for the deaf or hard of hearing community, so you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe during the event of a fire.

Detectors with visual aids, such as smoke alarms with strobe lights, are exactly what the hearing impaired community needs. Instead of being alerted by the sound of a regular alarm, the flashing lights will be indication that it’s time to evacuate. In addition to flashing lights, hearing impaired people can be alerted to a hazardous fire by a shake-up receiver with a vibrator or bed shaker, just in case the visual aid is not enough.

Another option is to install smoke detectors that emit louder noises for those who are both hearing and sight impaired. Talking smoke alarms such as the Kidde Talking Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm will alert homeowners with a loud voice system with three messages based on the reason for the alert.

The goal is to make smoke detectors unavoidable to notice in the case of a fire so that your family has enough time to follow the proper protocol to escape safely. MaxiAids has all the smoke detectors mentioned above to keep your household as safe as possible in the event of an emergency as dangerous as a fire.

Kidde Smoke Alarm Strobe Light

Kidde Smoke Alarm with Strobe Light comes with a loud 85 decibel piercing alarm and strobe light alerts, which uses Ionization Technology which senses invisible particles produced by most flaming fires.

SafeAwake Smoke Alarm Aid with Bed Shaker

SafeAwake Smoke Alarm Aid with Bed Shaker triggers all your senses with a motorized bed shaker, a flashing light and a low frequency, high decibel square wave sound you can actually hear. 

Shake Up Smoke Detector Kit with Vibrator

Shake-Up Smoke Detector Kit with Vibrator detects smoke and then transmits a powerful signal within a 100 ft. radius to the Shake-Up receiver unit.

Silent Call Signature Series Fire Alarm Transmitter Battery Input

Silent Call Signature Series Fire Alarm Transmitter-Battery Input is designed to be wired into a home or building fire alarm system. When the fire panel is activated, the transmitter will send a wireless signal to any Signature Series receiver up to 2000 feet away.

Gentex Remote Visual Signal 120v

Gentex Remote Visual Signal alerts homeowners with 60 Flashes per minute and comes with Universal Mounting Plate. 

120v AC 3 in 1 LED Strobe and 10 Year Combo Smoke CO Alarm


120V AC 3-in-1 LED Strobe and 10 Year Combo Smoke & CO Alarm provides both visual and voice warnings. Comes with dual mode flash patterns for smoke or CO to differentiate the danger.

Keep your family safe with MaxiAids’ selection of smoke detectors with visual aids. Shop more hearing products, including hearing impaired telephones, hearing aid batteries and devices for the deaf and hard of hearing at our deaf store.

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