MatchTime Software- Five CDs

Manufacturer: Attainment Company

Teaches basic time-telling skills
  • For students who struggle with time concepts
  • Four levels with multiple choice matching exercises
  • Levels 1-3: students find clock that matches sample clock
  • Level 4 introduces the concepts of “earlier” and “later”
  • Win/Mac CD, touch screen, and single switch compatible

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Save money on multiple copies with this discounted set of five MatchTime Software CDs.

MatchTime features a programmed learning approach for students who struggle with time concepts. Four progressively difficult levels each provide a pre-set sequence of multiple choice matching exercises. Students simply find the clock that matches the large sample clock in Levels 1 through 3. Level 4 introduces the concepts of "earlier" and "later." Extensive record-keeping tracks student progress.

Level 1 focuses on matching the hour hand while Level 2 introduces fifteen-minute intervals. Level 3 provides exercises using all the minutes and Level 4 progresses to clocks that are up to four hours earlier or later than the sample. Digital and analog clocks are used.

Win/Mac CD, touch screen, single switch, and IntelliKeys compatible. MatchTime IntelliKeys Overlay available separately.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Non-Returnable Item.

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