Mat Notification System Kit -Transmatter, Good Vibrations Pager Kit

Manufacturer: Silent Call

Great for Hospital, Nursing Home, Assisted Living
  • Floor mat sends signal to pager-receiver; activated by stepping on mat
  • 2 - 9v rechargeable batteries included (1 each for transmatter and pager)
  • 5 yr manufacturer warranty/mat 90 day warranty

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Caregivers will have greater peace of mind knowing this system is in place. Includes:
1. Transmatter (item 100410)
2. Good Vibrations Pager (SC-1097-1)
3. Battery Charger (item SCBAT)

(see detailed descriptions of each item below)
1. Transmatter (item 100410)

The transmatter is a pressure-activated transmitter that is activated by stepping on the mat. Place transmatter in any room by bed, door or any place you want to be alerted when someone is leaving or entering a room, getting out of the bed, walking out the front door, etc. May be used in nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, residential homes, loud businesses and even your own home. You can even be alerted to someone who is in a wheelchair leaving or entering a room. Up to 100-ft operating range. Mat has a 90-day mfg warranty and the transmitter has a 5-yr mfg warranty. NOTE: Do not secure mat with metal fasteners as it will cause interference. For indoor use only and may be placed under carpets, area rugs and even use as a decorative doormat.
2. Good Vibrations Pager (SC-1097-1)

Wireless receiver that receives signals from silent call transmitters.
Attaches easily to the belt, waistband of your pants with the clip provided. LED lights up to indicate which transmitter function set off the signal. Receiver operates on 1 9v rechargeable battery (included). Has the ability to receive signals from multiple transmitters.

This unit receives signals from various transmitters which, in turn, causes a vibration and turns on a light below the symbol to let you know which transmitter is sending the signal. You can monitor any or all of following devices: doorbell, telephone, smoke detector, sound monitor, personal pager, fire alarm transmitter and door/window access transmitter. Receiver works on 1-9 Volt rechargeable battery (included). 5 Year MFG Warranty.
Product dimensions: 1 inch H x 3.75 inch L x 2.5 inch W
3. Battery Charger (item SCBAT)

Use to re-charge the included rechargeable battery.

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