Marvin Teaches Fingerspelling III -CDRom- Sign Language

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This CD is the coolest way yet to improve your receptive fingerspelling skills. Beginners can learn to recognize the different handshapes that make up the letters of the alphabet. Signers of every ability level can practice reading many fingerspelled words at speeds varying from novice to expert. After becoming confident with your fingerspelling perception, test your new skills and receive an evaluation of your performance. Can you read Marvin's blazingly fast fingers to qualify as a world champion? This game is great for upper elementary school through adult users. The software can be used to learn fingerspelling or improve reception skills. Use it yourself or compete with friends to improve fingerspelling reception, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Minimum System Requirements: Pentium II, CD-Rom Drive 16X, Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

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