Magna Typoscope- 1.5X Yellow Lucite Magnifier

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Magnifier and Place Holder for Easier Reading
  • Magnifies printed material 1.5X
  • Yellow color intensifies black type
  • Helps you focus on the line you are reading
  • Made of durable Lucite and plastic
  • Great for those with low vision

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Make reading easier and more enjoyable The 1.5X Yellow Magna Typoscope combines several features into one handy tool. As a 1.5X magnifier made of translucent yellow Lucite that intensifies black type, while at the same time acting as a place holder, it's the perfect reading aid - especially for those with low vision.

Simply lay the Magna Typoscope on any reading material and instantly get 1.5X magnification on a full line of type. The translucent yellow color intensifies black type for greater visibility. The 5/8 wide x 5 high magnifier slot acts as a guide to help you focus on the line you are reading and the 8 wide x 5 high black plastic outer frame further reduces distraction by blocking out other printed lines on the page.

The Magna Typoscope can also be used as a handy paperweight. Mat/Frame is black plastic. Bar Magnifier is clear and yellow opaque Lucite. Weight: 2.8 oz.

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