MacBook Keyboard Cover - Clear

Manufacturer: Reizen

Protects the Keyboard from Dirt, Dust and Spills
  • Thin, flexible MacBook keyboard protection cover
  • Use for unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air
  • Made from 0.5mm high grade silicone
  • Easily removable for cleaning & hand washable

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Our Price: $19.90
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Protect your Macbook's keyboard from dirt, dust and spills! This keyboard cover is thin, soft and flexible, with a silky smooth feel, yet is very tough.

It's comfortable on the fingers and stays in place (it won't slip or slide) - plus it helps muffle typing noises. Easily removable for cleaning. Hand washable. Made from 0.5mm high grade silicone.

Compatible with:
- All unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro (introduced since late 2008)
- 13" MacBook Air

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