Lightning Screen Magnification Software

Manufacturer: MaxiAids

Large Screen - Low Price
  • Enlarges text and graphics 2 to 16 times
  • Magnify the entire screen or one area
  • Change the shape or size of letters and pictures
  • Invert colors for better contrast
  • Can run on USB memory stick for portability

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Lightning is the latest magnification software program for your PC. It enlarges both text and graphics on your computer's screen from 2 to 16 times its normal size. With Lightning you can magnify the entire screen or an area you choose with a magnification strip or lens. Included in your Lightening package, is a special version of Lightning that can run directly from a USB memory stick - so plug it into any computer and Lightning will run automatically.

Compatible with Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista.

Key features:

Magnify the screen up to 16 times
Change the shape or size of letters and pictures
Font smoother
Invert on screen colours for better contrast
Full screen magnification
Magnifying lens strip magnifier
Vertica, horizontal and split screen settings

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