Liberty Scholar 2 Portable Video Magnifier 1.5x-50x

Manufacturer: Ash Vision

See Clearly for Close Up and Distance Viewing
  • Magnifies 1.5x-50x on 12-in. color TFT LCD display
  • Distance Camera: 10x optical zoom range
  • Color Modes: full-color, blk-wht, wht-blk, semi-colors
  • Lasts 5.5 hours on 3-hour fast charge (charger incl.)

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The Liberty Scholar 2 has a 12-inch TFT display perfectly complimented by an integrated camera. This integrated camera is used for reading text or viewing images, and can also be used for distance viewing. It's compact, lightweight, the design takes up a minimum space on a desk or table, and, of course, it is portable. Rechargeable batteries give the user flexibility to use the system where there is no access to a power outlet.

The Liberty Scholar 2 has many uses, such as looking at a white board in a classroom setting, reading and writing, looking at photos, doing crossword puzzles and other hobbies such as caligraphy and stamp or coin collecting, watching TV, distance magnification in a conference or educational setting, and more.

- Screen: 12-in. (305 mm) color TFT LCD Display
- Magnification: 1.5x - 50x
- Distance Camera: 10x optical zoom range
- Modes: Full color, enhanced black on white and white on black; full range of semi colors
- Power: Worldwide power supply and rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Usage Time: Typically 5.5 hours continuous.
- Charge Time: 3 hours with supplied fast charger

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Unit Size: 2.4 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches or 300 x 250 x 60mm
Weight: 6.6 lbs. or 3 kg.
Type Desktop

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