KA300SD Alert Receiver

Manufacturer: Krown

Works with any home alarm detector
  • Includes alert receiver and transmitter
  • Wireless link up to 100 feet
  • Powerful strobe light and loud siren
  • Backup battery

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Place this Alert Receiver next to any alarm detector: smoke, fire, OH2 Carbon, security, etc. in your home. Once the alarm sounds the transmitter will send a signal to the alarm monitor which will alert you by strobe and loud alarm. This kit includes one transmitter which will monitor one alarm.

For maximum safety, the Alert Receiver works with both AC and battery backup. In AC adapter mode, Alert Receiver triggers the alarm with the 177 mCd strobe light, loud siren, and ultra-light 1,000 mCd LEDs. If the AC power failed, the unit will go to battery backup mode. The ultra-light LED and the 95 dB will be activated. The strobe light will not work in battery backup mode.

—3 memories for operation code
—3 event LEDs
—Time, condition signal filter
—1,024 code combination
—Ultralight strobe
—AC adapter 110V plug
—Backup battery included
—FCC, CSA approved

Alert Receiver:
—Wireless link up to 100 feet
—Powerful strobe light – 177mCd
—Audible siren, up to 95 dB
—1,024 different codes divided into three distinct channels
—Three color LED channels: yellow, green, and red
—Kit for hanging system on the wall
—Backup 9V battery
—AC adapter 110V plug