Interpreting in Insurance Settings

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Take your ASL skills to the next level
  • Viewer sees unscripted, unrehearsed interpretations
  • With discussion starters and full dialogue transcripts
  • One 67-minute DVD (plus special features)
  • 96-page, 4.75” x 8” paperback book

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Completely unrehearsed and unscripted interpreting conditions are what set Interpreting in Insurance Settings apart from other "interpreting" videos. All participants learned American Sign Language as adults!

Interpreting in Insurance Settings can be used by working interpreters as an independent study tool to earn CEUs! Your local RID-approved sponsor can assist you in designing an Independent Study Plan that suits your needs for group or independent activity.

As a professor at Gallaudet University, Carol Patrie implemented and taught in the Master of Arts in Interpretation program.

Media is captioned with audio
Length: One 67-minute DVD (plus special features)
96-page, 4.75" x 8" paperback book

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