Talking Pen and 3 Talking Books for Children

Manufacturer: Modified by MaxiAids

Good assistant for kids learning - Low Vision
  • Excellent product for learning to read; repeat, translate, record, follow and compare reading
  • Modified by MaxiAids for low vision reading and learning
  • 6 languages: English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Korean and Spanish; just touch the flag icons and listen in chosen language
  • Cute pen design with bump dots to help guide instructions, high definition friendly voice, 3 books with pictures and interactive games
  • MP3, songs, stories, interactive games and downloading with 8GB memory

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Wherever you touch, this English talking pen reads out loud to you! Place pen on cover of book to activate. Then place pen on any picture, sign, word, sentence, song, color, shape, animal, letter, number, and story. Auditory, visual, tactile senses stimulate and encourage children's learning interests and abilities. Vivid pictures and stories will attract children's attention and beautiful melodies will make learning easier. Motivate imagination with fun knowledge and learning the alphabet.

Bump dots on pen help guide low vision children to: control on/off button and follow reading on the front of pen, control volume on right side, and record on left side. Each book has a bump dot to the right of the activation circle, allowing children to begin their adventure in learning.

Simple, point-and-read "instant touch" operation pens are now widely used in the areas of early learning, as teaching aids, sight recognition, scene explanation and more. Includes Talking Pen with 4 bump dots and power saving auto shut off, Pen Base, 3 Books with front cover bump dots, Power Adapter, USB line, Manual, Gift Box. Made of ABS Plastic. Lithium battery: 300mAh/3.7V, Power charging adapter: 700mAh/5V. Modified by MaxiAids, distributed by Reizen.

Books: 7.25 x 10.50 in.
Pen: 6 L x 1 W in.
Gift Box: 10.75 W x 7.875 L in.

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