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Improve Your Eyesight Now In-Home Vision Therapy System- DVD

Make Your Eyesight Better with Simple Exercises

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  • Retrain your eyes to enhance your vision
  • Features more than 30 exercises
  • Great for near- and far-sightedness, Astigmatisms and more
  • DVD Running Time: Approx. 160 minutes
  • Includes eye chart, exercise sheets and progress log
IMPROVE YOUR EYESIGHT NOW teaches you how to use your eyes more efficiently to see better. In many cases, you can improve your eyesight so much that glasses may no longer be necessary. By using the skill building techniques that are presented in this program, you can actually retrain your eyes to enhance your vision. Features more than 30 exercises Running Time: Approximately 160 minutes.

A Breakthrough for Many Common Vision Problems
Lazy Eye
Double Vision
Age-Related Decreasing Vision

This DVD can help anyone develop their visual skills through the proven research techniques known as the Bates Method. This complete in-home Vision Therapy System consists of 6 sections each with 5 or 6 easy-to-follow exercises. As a special bonus, also included are a professional eye chart, eye exercise sheets and a personal progress log.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consult a physician before beginning this or any eye exercise program.

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