iLuv Aud Click 2

Manufacturer: iLuv

Amazon Alexa portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Voice-activated speaker with online music streaming (TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon, AppStore, Google Play, and jAura)
  • Answer incoming calls hands-free using built-in microphone
  • Your voice controls any Alexa compatible smart home device— smart bulbs, smart TVs, smart thermostats
  • Convenient internet searching— ideal for the blind and visually impaired
  • Loud and clear superior sound without distortion— 360-degree Omni-directional audio speaker with jAura Sound technology

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Activate the voice command function with just a click when a phone is connected to the internet through WiFi or 4G/3G data network for Alexa function. Play your favorite songs and albums just by asking! No need to unlock phone to stop, play, or change music.

Just click the top ring and ask Alexa questions for news briefs, time, weather forecast, audible books, music-related questions, or add items on your shopping list.

Turn on lights: Connects to select smart bulbs, so you can control lights throughout your home just by asking Alexa something simple like: "Turn on the kitchen lights."

Turn off TV: Also controls your smart TV, so you can change the channel, adjust the volume, and ask when a certain show is on.

Set temperature: Control your smart thermostat and set your desired temperature. Ask (thermostat company) "What is the temperature upstairs?"

Protect privacy: Aud Click 2 is activated only by clicking the top ring and turned off immediately after the communication, so it would not record unintended sound.

Portable and compact:
Take anywhere— it's smaller than a soda can! Play music for up to 7 hours (varies by volume level and music content).

Intuitive control design:
By clicking, holding, or double-clicking any part of the circle top ring, you can activate Alexa, answer or decline incoming calls, or play/pause music. You can control volume by turning the top ring.

Music without Internet:
Play your favorite music from your phone's playlist through Bluetooth anywhere, even when there is no WiFi connection. Make sure Aud Click 2 is connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Aud Click 2 (free Aud Click 2 app to set up Alexa on the speaker via Bluetooth), micro USB charging cable, quick start guide, warranty card

*Since the Aud Click 2 is Bluetooth, only one unit can be connected at a time.

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