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How to organize your closet when you are blind or visually impaired

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As if it isn't hard enough keeping our closets and drawers organized... for the blind or visually impaired, organization is incredibly important in knowing where items are at all times. Always keeping essentials in the same place and grouping them together by color or style is an absolute must for someone who has a visual impairment.  Hanging clothes together in categories: long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, patterns and solid colors, folded shirts and sweaters, or separating casual from dressy... when it comes to clothing, these helpful products below will help aid in the organization process and ensure a successful ensemble before you walk out the door.

MaxiAids' assistive items have helped thousands of customers achieve independence and self-confidence when getting dressed. With products like talking color detectors, braille and tactile markers, fashion shaped buttons for identification of clothing and colors, and aluminum braille clothing tags, putting together outfits becomes much more accessible and easier.

Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers - Easy to use-- just sew them on. Shape indicates color of items.  (Item 30-25, 30-27)

     Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers                Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers

Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers - Braille labels are perfect for stitching or pinning on to clothes; identifies item in a particular color or pattern. (Item 202891)
Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers

RNIB PenFriend Audio Laundry Labels - Label Your Clothes Using Your Own Voice. Record pattern, color and care instructions of your entire wardrobe onto these self-adhesive labels, and never leave the house with odd socks or a mismatched outfit again. (Item 308098)


EZ Pro Sock Holders - You never have to worry about lost socks again! (Item 507811)

>EZ Pro Sock Holders

Color Identifiers/Light Detector & The Talking Color Detector - Easily match clothes and more.  Hold against surface of item and touch red button to hear exact color shade announced. (Item 306043) & (Item 302538)

Color Identifiers/Light Detector Color Identifiers/Light Detector

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen - Great to use for identifying clothes and many other personal items. (Item 205377)

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen

Color Mates - Attach the identifiers and you are ready to mix or match your wardrobe. (Item 5062847)

Color Mates

Clothes Folder - Fold Clothes with a Simple Flip! Gain more space in your closets. Easy to use and ideal for blind and low vision users.  (Item 505152)

Clothes Folder

MaxiAids is proud to provide items that help make life more accessible and functional for those who have physical impairments. From talking products to alert systems, blind accessories and low vision aids, and many other products for the blind, visually impaired, and deaf and physically challenged, look to MaxiAids for all your solutions to everyday challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

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