Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How A Parent Becomes A Champion: Protect Your Baby's Hearing

When most of us think of earmuffs, we probably think of headgear with fur or fleece to keep ears warm in winter. Nowadays, however, the term, "earmuffs," doesn't just refer to an article of clothing that protects ears from the cold but also to a device to shield ears from hearing loss.

Technically, cold weather earmuffs are called thermal earmuffs; while noise protection earmuffs are referred to as acoustic earmuffs.

Ems 4 Kids makes the acoustic type of earmuffs which prevents hearing loss from excessive noise for babies (newborn to 18 months old) and children (older than 6 months old).

Previously, you may not have heard about acoustic earmuffs for babies but you may have caught them on TV this past August while watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. Michael Phelps's son, Boomer, was sporting an appropriately patriotic pair, the Ems 4 Bubs Baby Hearing Protection White Earmuffs with Stars-n-Stripes Headband

"Aside from being generally adorable . . . Boomer Phelps is getting major attention for his awesome super-stylish earmuffs! He's a baby trendsetter and we can definitely see him single-handedly bringing ear-muffs back into fashion . . ."

"Michael Phelps' Baby Son Boomer Stole the Show at the Olympics with His Stylish Look" by Hamish Kilburn for

Image Credits: PA

His conscientious and thoughtful parents decided that four-month-old Boomer will have to wait until he's older before he gets to hear the deafening cheers of the crowd for his record-breaking father, Michael Phelps, the winner of 28 Olympic swimming medals (23 of them Gold).

However, you should not wait to check out the Ems 4 Hearing Protection Earmuffs. After all, you don't have to be an Olympic Gold Medal Champion to protect your baby or child from noise-induced hearing loss.


For Newborn Babies to 18-month-old Babies: 

Be Your Baby's Hearing Champion with Ems 4 Bubs Baby Hearing Protection Earmuffs.


For Children Older than 6 Months Old:

Be Your Child's Hearing Champion with Ems 4 Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs.



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