HoverCam TV5 Camera for eClipseScan

Manufacturer: IRTI

Camera accessory for eClipseScan Scanner-Readers
  • 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 resolution)
  • Scan size up to 11" x 14"
  • Small footprint: 4" x 5" oval base, 12" in height
  • USB powered with built-in bright LEDs
  • May be used as a document camera for showing live images

Our Price: $319.00
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Compatible with eClipseWriter Pro, the HoverCam from IRTI (Innovation Rehabilitation Technology) provides fast high-quality scanning of books and documents up to 11 x 14 inches. This portable camera can scan two pages of a full-size textbook with a single click.

The HoverCam T5-V Document Camera T5V has the same retractability, portability, and high-resolution 5-megapixel lens as the T5. The T5V, however, comes with some special adjustments and patent-pending accessories for visually impaired users:
- Special focusing adjustment to ensure acquisition of a clear picture at fully extended camera position and even within a 6" retractable range.
- The depth of field of this camera accommodates uneven surfaces making it an adaptive device for visually impaired customers to use anytime anywhere.
- Braille-enabled positioning mat, making it easier for the user to position the camera and the document.
- Special Anchoring Bumper making it easy for users to calibrate the positioning of the device and the document to automatically achieve straightening or cropping.

Product Specifications:
- 5 megapixels (2592 x 1944 resolution), with native 300 dpi, and up to 1200 dpi enhanced clarity scanner
- Powered by the latest CMOS technology, with large depth of field for documents and 3D objects
- Scan size up to 11" x 14"
- Small footprint, with 4" x 5" oval base, 12" in height, and 1.8 lb. in weight
- Retractable aluminum structure with satin finish provides rigid construction and modern look
- Built-in bright LED lights
- USB powered
- May be used as a document camera for showing live images

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