HomeAware Smart Phone Signaler with Bed Shaker Kit

Manufacturer: Sonic Alert

Ideal for those with hearing loss!
  • Receive notifications for text messages and emails thru the smartphone app
  • Works as an alarm clock with a bed shaker
  • Powerful bed shaker and adjustable alarm up to 105 dB
  • Flashing strobe with scrolling alert messages on a bright red large two-inch display
  • Range up to 1,000 feet; extendable range with additional receivers

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The smartphone signal system allows you to get alerts to and from your system to your smartphone via the HomeAware smartphone app. It displays this information on the signal system's two-inch scrolling display.

Additional accessories include the HomeAware Deluxe Remote Receiver, the HomeAware Basic Receiver, the Smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) transmitters, the Baby Cry monitoring transmitter, the HomeAware Bridge Unit, and the HomeAware smartphone application (sold separately).

Package Features:
- Dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
- Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware receivers
- Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between the Main Unit and transmitters with full battery backup
- Caller ID for landline and video phone calls
- USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep

(Smartphone not included)

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