HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone For Television System

Manufacturer: HearSay

Makes TV dialogue loud and clear
  • Amplifies sound and adds clarity to TV dialogue
  • Includes 1) Transmitter, 2) Receiver, 3) 2 - 9 Volt Batteries, 4) 2 - 9 Volt AC Adapters, 5) Headphones, 6) 2 - TV Cables
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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The HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone For Television does far more than just amplify the sound, it has six adjustable frequency ranges to adapt to your specific hearing loss. This makes the spoken word much more clear and intelligible while listening to TV. The HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone is the ideal companion for the hard of hearing when watching television.

This personal listening system won't disturb anyone else in the room. You wear the included headphone headset, connected to the HGTV Receiver, and adjust the volume and frequency to your needs.

It can be used with most televisions that have either an RCA or standard 3.5mm audio-output jacks. The HGTV Transmitter connects to the TV with one of 2 types of cables that are included with this system.

The HGTV Speech Adjust-A-Tone For Television System includes:
1) Transmitter
2) Receiver
3) 2 - 9 Volt Batteries
4) 2 - 9 Volt AC Adapters
5) Headphones
6) 2 - TV Connecting Cables
1 Year Limited Warranty

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