Helios - LED UVC Disinfection Wand

Manufacturer: Smart UV

Have the magic power of disinfection in your hand
  • Designed for controlled, targeted, and held disinfection
  • Sleek, modern, and portable sanitation wand
  • Compact enough to fit in your knapsack pocket or purse
  • Engineered to be ready at a moment's notice for any impromptu sanitation needs
  • Wand has a digital sanitation timer, counting the disinfection time

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An eco-Friendly, ozone-free, and chemical-free UVC sanitation device. Unlike generic liquid disinfects that leave behind a residue, can cause antimicrobial resistance in germs, and damage the hardware of electronics.

UVC from LED diodes is a controlled and direct disinfection method. Safe to be held and pointed over any high touch area, on the go, or in-home.

The Helios - UVC Wand emits a powerful yet concentrated dose of short wave 270-280nm UVC light, classified as germicidal.

Since the UV-C target at the cellular level, built up resistance to UVC won't occur and hasn't since its inception of this technology for over a century.

You can save your disposable wipes— they just end up in landfills. It's without hassle, without residue, and works like magic. Perfect for those high-touch personal objects like your mobile phone headphones, laptop, and computer that just can't get wet. The sleek, modern, and portable Helios sanitation wand has been designed as an essential carry to provide you and your loved ones with a discreet defense against pathogens at home or abroad.

Not just for electronics! It can be used in public bathroom stalls, kitchen sponges, elevator keypads, door handles, and more. You'll have peace of mind with the Helios in your pocket, ready to magically disinfect with ease.

Average Sanitation Time: 30 seconds
Voltage: 3.7V
Wattage: 6mW
Battery: 500Mah Rechargeable Battery
Size: 16cmx8cmx3cm.
Charging port: Micro USB 2.0
Effective Range: 3cm from the surface
Digital Display: Display Sanitation
Wavelength: 270-280nm
Weight: 0.1lbs
Lifespan: 9000 hours

In The Box:
Helios - UVC LED Wand
Helios - MicroUSB charger
Helios - Manual

Typical UVC light can't be held or used while anyone is in the room. When you're using LED UVC light, the LEDs do not emit in all directions. This allows for an extremely focused beam of UVC light, safe in hand - to disinfect any high touch area in seconds.

Warning! UVC is not safe to shine on the skin or eyes. This is why we build our UVC wand specifically to contain UVC in an extremely controlled beam.

This is only possible using UVC LED diodes, as LED UVC emits differently than typical mercury-based (like fluorescent lamps) UVC light. The standard UVC Lamps emit in all directions, shining across entire rooms for complete disinfection.

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