HearMore TV Premium Wireless Headphone Transmitter Set

Manufacturer: HearMore

Listen wirelessly to television or audio devices!
  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi required— uses reliable 900Mhz radio frequencies
  • Wireless transmission range about 328 feet
  • Compatible with all TV brands via 3.5mm jack/RCA analog or optical/coaxial digital jacks
  • Unique Hi-Fi technology added— tailored for all genres of music
  • No latency, accurate sync (voice and picture)

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This wireless headphone transmitter set is ideal for home entertainment! Now you can move around freely in your home while listening to your favorite TV or radio programs, or watch TV while not disturbing others as they sleep by your side. This wireless TV headphone set also allows those who are hearing impaired to privately listen to their shows at the volume they desire.

—Over-the-ear ergonomic design provides comfort during extended listening sessions
—Analog and digital audio inputs offer versatile connectivity, perfectly match with all TVs/home theatres.
—Shock-resistant, robust metal slider headband guarantees durability and reliability
—Docking station allows easy charging, storage, and transmission capability
—Superior crisp, clear sound quality— Unique UHF HI-FI technology, and bass booster 40mm drivers, deliver superior, rich sound, no floor noise, flawless for all types of music
—Advanced ALC circuit design delivers incredibly natural-sounding audio
—Integrated Grade-A 600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery offers up to 8 hours of continuous use on a full charge

—Modulation: FM
—System: UHF/RF
—Frequency response: 20-18,000Hz
—S/N ratio: 80+ dB
—Distortion: -1 percent
—Power supply of headphone: rechargeable 420mAh Grade-A integrated Li-ion battery
—Power supply of transmitter base: 5V adapter
—Transmitter base measures approximately 5 3/4 in. diameter

Includes: Headphone, transmitter, 5V adapter, USB charging cables, 2M audio cable, RCA cable, user manual

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