HealthSmart PolarMat Cooling Mat Pad - Large - 35 x 55 Inches

Manufacturer: Briggs Medical

Keeps You Cool With No Electricity/Freezing Needed
  • Mat stays cool automatically
  • Cooling mat absorbs heat from your body while sleeping or sitting
  • No electricity or freezing required
  • Non-slip mat stays in place
  • 100 percent cotton cover; Size: 35" x 55"; Color: Light Blue

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The unique thermal insulation of the HealthSmart PolarMat Cooling Aid continuously cools you 3 to 5 degrees by drawing heat away from your body providing a cooler nights sleep. Simply place on your bed, and the mat begins to work instantly. Small mat size can be used on top of your pillow or in your pillowcase.

--Keeps you cool while sleeping or sitting
--Cooling mat absorbs heat from your body
--No electricity or freezing required
--Non-slip mat stays in place
--Small mat size is great for home, office, traveling and outdoor activities
--100 percent cotton gel pack can be washed by brush with water
--Color: Light Blue
--Size: 35" x 55"

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